Introduction Time

We, as humans, are always introducing ourselves in some way.


Whether it be shaking hands when meeting someone for the first time, introducing our taste buds to new flavors or bringing children into the world, we are always on the brink of a new introduction. Naturally, when following a blog, DIY board, or writer, it is common to know what you’ll be learning about beforehand. So, simply put, if you subscribe to my writing, you will relate to it in someway or another. Whether you feel emotionally connected or have been through the same experience, there will be some grasp of relation with the words I type. My blog will be real and true, and salty. (I like to avoid sugar-coating the truth and hard facts)

Growing up in a household of five as well as being a member of a sports team and working as a waitress, my life is one constant VHS tape of high light reels, bloopers and all time lows. I have created the carolineshapleyblog at to share my experiences in a typed entry every other week and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be feeling the same way or have been through the same thing and know that you’re not alone in trying to take on this big world.


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