“Never Grow Up”

Senior year is flying by…and I’m not complaining about that one bit. But as the year progresses, it is becoming quite obvious to me how real this “growing up” thing is becoming. I refer to it as a “thing,” because for as long as I’ve lived, it has been something of the future, something unreal. Growing up is something I have not yet experienced, but I am going to be faced with shortly whether I’m ready for it or not.

Thinking about all of this ahead of me; the bills, the responsibility, being out on my own and so much more. So, of course, being an adult and having to mature and such is what scares me to wake up each morning. There’s so much to experience now, right now. If I spend all day thinking about the future, planning for the future, or just simply not living in the present, then what am I really doing with my time? Well, besides wasting it, of course. I am purely wasting all of the time God has given me before I have to grow up. I need to experience so much more before I go off into the “grown up” world and I need to stop focusing on what is to come, but instead, on what is happening.

As I realized this, I was listening to one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs. (Yes, I am a Swift fan!) The song, “Never Grow Up,” that came out on her second country album just happened to correlate so perfectly with the “thing” on my mind. Some of the lyrics are so spot on when thinking about losing childhood and having to actually become an adult. Honestly, it’s a bit scary. Just enjoying the present moment isn’t enough, though. Thinking about everything makes me realize that so much had to happen not on my part to get me where I am now. This means that I owe a lot to my family and close friends. Live in the moment. Love the people in you life. Don’t forget the past.

“Take pictures in your mind of you childhood room

Memorize it sounded like when your dad gets home

Remember the footsteps,remember the words said

and your little brothers favorite songs.

I just realized everything I had is someday gonna be gone.”

-Taylor Swift, “Never Grow Up”


For the Poets and the Leftovers

October arrived and so did National Poetry Day! All over, poetry was celebrated, created and shared in so many forms. Just for my own added tid-bit, I’m sharing one of my most favorite poetic quotes with an unknown author! Poets make the world a more creative place for sure…


….just a little bit for today to get the creative juices flowing in all of us …