An Open Letter to My Wild Friend

We learned how to go our separate ways last year, and for a while, I had the thought–more of a slight fear– that living more than just ten minutes apart would be when we would start to have a lot of distance in our friendship. I would still be in high school and you would be starting a new chapter of your life in college. But what I feared, I quickly learned was actually silly. I mean, we had survived not one, but two, vacations together. (Not every friendship can survive that). We had gone on adventures, hung out with each other’s family often, and even gotten to know each other’s pets like our own. That is a long-lasting friendship. Now, as I prepare for my first year away from home at college, I know that because of our friendship over the years, that I am ready for this next adventure in life. As I was thinking back on people that got me to this place I am today, you are one of them that helped me get to this point. This is thank you, an open letter, to you; my wild friend.

"she's a wild child, gotta rebel soul with a whole lotta gypsy, wild child."  -Kenny Chesny
“she’s a wild child, gotta rebel soul with a whole lotta gypsy, wild child.”
-Kenny Chesny

How we are friends, I honestly have no idea sometimes. The two of us are alike in many ways, but we are totally different people in so many ways. We come from similar backgrounds and families alike, but the two of us could not be more unique from each other. Our friendship sparked out of absolutely nowhere and in the same week that we became friends we instantly opened up to each other, shared those secrets that only close, trusted friends are allowed to know, and decided to go on vacation together the upcoming week. We gave our friendship a shot and it worked out better than expected, because to this day, you are still one of my absolute best friends.

You, my wild friend, have taught me a lot over the years. A lot about myself.

I think it is true that people enter your life at certain times, and sometimes, those people actually save you in a way. And you, my wild friend, saved me from dumb choices, dumb boys and a dull high school journey. I owe you a big thanks.

My wild friend, you have always been wild. It radiates off of you in more way than one. Even with just your fashion, you are wild. You go against trends, what is acceptable by society’s fashion standard and you honestly do not care. You encourage to be daring by what you wear and it is inspiring. It shows that you do not care what people think of you.

You are bold with your words. (Also loud at times, but that is ignored by how awesome you are). You speak your mind, but you speak it clearly and with boldness that makes people want to listen to what you have to say. You speak with positivity. You speak with confidence. But what is most admiring about how you speak, is how you speak for others. You speak for those that may not have a voice, you speak for those who are scared to raise their voice and you speak for the people that need it most. You spoke up for me when I was treated like crap, when I let a guy talk to me in a way I shouldn’t be treated, when I was scared to speak. You spoke for me when I couldn’t speak for myself, and for that, I am forever grateful.

You take risks. Honestly, sometimes those risks scare me and you know I’ll be scolding you about it when you tell me the story. But still, I really admire you for that. You like to live your life on edge. You are an adventure yourself. I owe you a big “thank you” for the adventures you’ve taken with me in life. By that, I mean that you have encouraged me to take chances, go on dates I would probably not go on, and learn about myself along the way. I learned I can’t live my life on the edge, but at times dangling over the side of danger, I have really enjoyed. I have you to thank for that. I know what my limits are on adventure, I know what I do and don’t like and I know things that I don’t ever care to be around again, but I have learned a lot along the way. I have expanded my social circle, grown my personality and learned to love and appreciate my family and friends more.

You, my wild friend, understand me. We can go from being stupid and crazy to stopping and having serious conversations in a matter of seconds. You listen when I need to vent. You give advice and you know when to just shut up and listen to my rants. You have literally wiped away my tears, taken place as an honorary daughter in my family, and understood me like no other. You have held my hand when I needed a moment of comfort for hurt feelings, you have helped me shoot for my dreams and career (even if it may not be totally realistic), and you never give up on me. You yell at me, you listen to me and you always make time for me. For all that you have done to help me out these past years, I have so much to thank you for. You, my wild friend, are everything I have ever needed in a close friend to help mend a broken heart, calm down from fights with other friends, and learn how to talk things out with my parents.

You have spoken up for me. You have taught me to speak up for myself. You have looked out for me when I didn’t even know what was headed my way. You have became a loved friend by my parents and siblings. You fill my life with awesomeness by the stories that you share with me. You have helped me to grow as a person. You have helped me get to where I am now in life, and where I am now is such a happy place.

I hope someday, somehow, I can at least return to you half of the favor for the role you have taken in my life as such a close, wild friend.

I love you, I appreciate you & I am so glad we are friends; my wild friend.