18 Things My Dad Taught Me by 18

Being a “daddy’s girl” was something I never wanted to be labeled growing up. To me, those girls were not independent and relied on their dad for everything. Truly, I despised the label. However, as I packed up and left for my freshman year of college, I found myself crying more than ever when hugging my dad good-bye. After all these years of trying to avoid being a daddy’s girl, I realized that I was more of one than I thought ever possible. I missed my dad and I learned–as I was trying to adjust to being on my own–that he had taught me many things. These were some of the most important life lessons that I will ever  learn, and he taught me them practically by accident… just by being my dad and being there for me. Some of these things were just in how he raised me to be tough, independent and maintaining my character.

However these apply to me, I do know that they are universal lessons, and maybe, one of these 18 important things that my dad taught me by the age of 18 will continue to come in handy as I continue to grow up and live life.

  1. Treat each and every person you meet with respect.
  2. Someone will always be better than you, but never let that stop you.
  3. Break the rules.
  4. Expand the different types of people you hang out with. Make connections everywhere through everyone.
  5. Learn football (and hopefully, love the sport).
  6. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will either.
  7. Never underestimate the power of prayer in any situation.
  8. Look out for your family, always.
  9. Don’t ever hesitate to call your dad– no matter how major or minor the situation.
  10. If you are determined, don’t let anyone stop you.
  11. Find humor in every situation. (Especially when you’re mad enough to cuss. Replace the profanity with a word such as “poop” and watch as the anger turns to laughter.)
  12. Dumb choices can make the best stories.
  13. When life hits you, hit back twice as hard.
  14. Find that person you can trust with your life and don’t let them go. They are the type of friend to keep around an entire lifetime.
  15. Life happens. Don;t be afraid to ask for help.
  16. When your dad is there to defend you, let him. Be thankful.
  17. Pursue what you love. Unless it is a guy, and that guy is a jerk. Then move on.
  18. Rock on.


So, for whatever it is worth, Thanks Dad.



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