In the Midst of Storms


Cold air is finally hitting November. The leaves are falling off the trees and covering up the ground, the grass fading away from bright green. This sounds like something poetic—something beautiful—right?

But I had a different view of this beauty today. Mid-afternoon, I am hitting my daily dreary point. (Yes, this is mostly an everyday occurrence.) I am tired, have attended my morning classes, eaten lunch, and now consumed and overwhelmed by every big and little assignment, paper and exam that I have to do/prepare for. My first thought when I reached this point? Coffee.

I packed up my book bag with everything I needed and made the venture down the long sidewalk to the campus coffee shop. Since morning, the sky has been a gloomy shade of gray. Rain has trickled on and off from the clouds above. The wind has been present all day, picking up more and more each time I seem to step outside. Goosebumps line my skin from the chilliness. On my way to get my dose afternoon energy, I could barely walk in a straight line. I was being pulled and pushed by the wind from my left, then to my right. Repeat. (Over and over again.) Leaves on the tree in front of me were being pulled from the limbs and soaring to the ground by force of the wind. The rain was spitting from the sky, hitting my face. Out of nowhere, a strange comparison entered my mind. Just an hour prior, we were having a discussion at lunch and someone brought up a point that if God calls you to something, He will help you with it somehow.

As my feet are struggling to take on step in front of the other by force of the wind, I am reminded of God’s Constance. There was a beauty in this realization. Often, I am wrapped into worry and doubt. Many times I am swept away in a storm with my faith, emotions and other aspects of life. But each time, is my first reaction to turn to God? Is my first thought when I start crying the knowing that God will sustain me and prove faithfulness in the end? Most of the time, no. I fail to see God through the disasters of the storm. Looking back, I can confidently say that I see His presence and evidence of His works in those situations. Even in the storms of life—or physical storms I walk through on campus—God is holding me. God is faithful to me. God will sustain me.


When thinking about this, I thought back on some of the verses that I find most evident and comforting:


“So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” Hebrews 3:16


“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.” Psalms 37:3


“He will not let your foot slip— He who watches over you will not slumber.” –Psalms 121:3


“When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.” –Psalms 56:3



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