The Little Things

2016 is already a couple weeks underway, but these weeks I’ve taken the time to finally reflect on 2015. From starting the new year in high school still, to graduation, to all the events that summer held, to a chaotic start to my college career…. what a year! When I think back on those 365 days, so much floods my mind. My heart is filled with a storm of different emotions. I learned important lessons during 2015, but one of those many lessons is my favorite:


appreciate the little things.


When I started reflecting on what this really meant to me, I was surprised and felt overwhelming grateful for all the little things I really have in my life to appreciate. How lucky to be able to think on the tiniest things and how much they really mean to you? I thought for just a little bit about these things, and during that time, it only took me a few minutes to reflect on at least 15 different “little things” that I love.

I noticed that a lot of these were little moments and aspects of my life that I didn’t even begin to notice until I was moved out of the house and trying to adjust to life in the dorm, and not waking up in the same house with my family each morning. But still, the little things seem to always build into something greater.

My 15 Little Things:

The way your mom still feels like love when you hug her and cry on her shoulder the same way you did when you were a little kid.

  1. A sister that makes you laugh uncontrollably late at night and suddenly you miss the way you two used to share a bedroom when you were younger. (Then remember the mass amount you used to fight and are so happy you no longer share a room.)
  2. The way your dog is always excited to see and lick you unforgivingly.
  3. Endless hours spent in coffee shops doing “homework” with your best friends. (Really, no homework getting accomplished, but laughing is good for the soul, so it evens out.)IMG_6088
  4. A brother that never stops protecting you.
  5. Long car rides with friends, screaming at the top of your lungs to songs about boys you’re mad at. (Then thinking of every way possible to plot revenge against those guys.)
  6. Piling four people into one bed just to eat cookie dough and binge-watch that addicting Netflix series—instead of studying for exams that are happening the next morning.
  7. Going home just to spend all break with your friend and feeling like nothing will ever change between the two of you.
  8. When you just need a break from life and can always count to sit on the garage step while your dad is working, blaring music and finding the same comfort in that setting as you did five, seven, even nine years ago.
  9. When your mom always saves that last bit of cookie dough batter for you to eat.
  10. Midnight food runs with friends.
  11. Best friends in cosmetology school that can give you hair cuts whenever you feel like making a change.
  12. Hugging your dad and feeling like a little kid again, like he’s the greatest human in the world.
  13. Vent sessions with friends about how stressed you are … and still not doing anything to fix that stress.
  14. Learning what you do and don’t want in life and pursuing what is best for you.
  15. Learning to love God’s beauty around you and appreciate everything in life.

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