November: Thankful for Friends

Summer passed in the blink of an eye. October faded away and fall is drifting away in stride. The first week of November has come and passed. November. This is the special month of the year. It is the start of beloved basketball season. It is the ideal of turkey and pumpkin pie eaters. It is the month that holds Thanksgiving. November is the month where most people seem to reflect upon what they are thankful for in life. For me, I fall under this category.

It is a guilty time, however. As I make a point to reflect on why I am truly thankful, I realize that I don’t do this as much as I need to. This week especially, I have been thinking about the closest friends I have in my life. They each play such an important role. Each day, I know that I am loved by these people. This week made me realize that I need to appreciate them more than I do and more than I show.

-My Wise Friend: You, I haven’t known for the longest time. Not that I don’t fully love having you in my life, but I didn’t expect you to come into my life. We are so opposite. However, you have blessed my life. You are very wise. You think before you speak. Not only do you do that, but you take quality time to listen to me and what I have to say. You value my opinion…and that, is very much appreciated. I feel that what I have to say is worth something. You don’t judge my stories or raw emotions. You put effort–and your whole heart–into everything you do. You take the time to reflect on life experiences and help apply them usefully. This is what makes you wise and I appreciate the positive aspect you have brought into my life.

-My Confidant Friend: Sometimes, you mother me. Sometimes, it really, really annoys me. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be making it through college without you. I know you will be there for my emotional breakdowns and my exciting moments. There is no better way to spend a Saturday than drinking coffee, doing homework, preparing for exams and not talking. Just being in the same room, we can share a comfortable silence. This is something that I really appreciate. Who else runs to me as I’m getting ready to turn the shower water on just to tell me she missed me while I was away that weekend? Who else can give me a hug that helps calm my tears? I confide in you with my emotions and this, this is one reason I am thankful for our friendship.

-My Writing Friend: Writing… is it an art or is it a horrible passion? Either way, I have never had a friend that I’ve connected with in sharing the same deep love for the same deep focus of writing. In an easier way than others, you can understand me. Without words. Without finishing my sentences. Without needing to explain, you seem to understand what I am going to say. Not only that, but you understand the emotion behind it. You understand how sometimes words carry more weight than I do strength. For the level of understanding that you connect with me on, this makes me appreciate you as a friend–and a writer–so very much.

-My Ginger Friend: There are so many other ways to describe you. So many adjectives and verbs are suitable to describe our dumb stories and eventful past couple of months. However, after I stupidly made the comment that you should be lucky you don’t have red hair–even though you clearly do– it is the best way that I can describe you. You are so much joy in my life. Real, pure joy. You’re in a bad mood? You don’t take it out on me. You’re stressed? You don’t take it out on me. You are always laughing, smiling or on some sort of story-worthy adventure. I enjoy the time I spend with you. Who else goes to the library to study and pulls out bag after bag of study food? (Which, of course, gets eaten while no homework or studying is accomplished?) I am so thankful for the smiles, laughters and forever memories you add to my life.

-My Wild Friend: As I’ve mentioned before, you know how you have impacted and continue to impact my life. Forever, I am thankful for you.

-My Long-term Friend: I say long-term because I’ve known you the longest out of any close friend that I have to this day. We met back in the first grade–and starting out in the big adult world– we are still friends. You are the other side of my mirror, you balance me out. You are slow to speak and more reserved. I run my mouth without and thought and seem to out-speak others. Our few arguments are rooted one some of the important points of our friendship. Whether it be complaining over boys, trying to set each other up with guys or hanging out talking for hours, I enjoy the time I get to spend with you. We have more miles between us now, but our friendship has no distance. I am so thankful for you and the rock that you are in my life.

My Forever Friend- Every friendship goes through little fights or some distanced time, right? However, our friendship has been split apart and brought back together by works that couldn’t be anything other than God. You are my forever friend because we have grown so close. There is something about our friendship that can never be broken now. I appreciate adventurous person that you are. You are always telling me, “Ohhhh, go get ’em!” It doesn’t matter whether the situation is boys, chasing dreams or doing something stupid, you are there cheer me on. You have faith in my dreams. You don’t allow me to think I am worth or deserve anything less than the best. You believe that my dreams are all within my reach and for that, I am so thankful to have you as a friend forever.

Happy November!